How about a vacation in California?

Why California?

California is one of the world’s most desirable holiday destinations. You could go back to California for a vacation hundreds of times and see something different each time. The Golden State has everything you could ever wish for; sun drenched beaches with some of the best surfing conditions, majestic granite peaks, vibrant cities brimming with entertainment and culture, world famous views and landmarks. Children will enjoy California’s iconic theme parks. Adults will equally enjoy some of the best wine and food experiences in the world. There are almost 300 national parks and state parks in California that everybody will enjoy.

If you have a generous budget you can wild with some of the most incredible 5 star hotels. If you are on a budget, California need not be expensive. There are plenty of low cost motels and even eating out can be done relatively cheaply. Many Europeans who visit California often remark how inexpensive some things are when compared with prices in places like Paris and London. Car hire and fuel seem especially cheap to our European visitors.

One of the strangest things about California is that even if you have never been here before, you are already familiar with it. Popular landmarks of Hollywood, Los Angeles and San Francisco appear so often in film and television shows that when you see them in real life it is just like you have always been here.

So the answer to the question Why California? is,
It is an amazing destination that you will love.